Websites to discover during lockdown

We have faced extraordinarily though times of this century, yet the best thing we can do is to stay at home, and continue our lives. One strategy I found useful to cope with this climate of concern is to try new things (physically or mentally or both) I have never done before.  In my experience, feeding your brain with positive new vibes helps to deal with uncertainty as well as makes you mentally stronger.

Over the last week I was digging through Youtube, blogs, and social media to find some uncommon websites. There are great people sharing so many interesting sites on the internet. I am going to share my favorites some of which could help you to feed, distract, inspire, enjoy… yourself.

As an engineer I cannot stop myself from categorizing them 🙂


The ones under this title has no meaning, please do not have any expectation, it is just to see there is another web-world from the outside of mainstream…

1. Fancy to look at the screen for the sake of distraction? Try movenowthinklater for a minute and see by yourself:)

2. The websites you are using is probably not even a single droplet in the ocean of the web. Every time you want to teleport different galaxy on the web-universe, all you need is click-on please button on theuselessweb.

3. Do you want to literally pay for buying nothing and be shipped to your home? How many times you think there are completely irrelevant items on sale, but still people are buying them? If you have never discovered weirdorconfusing, probably you have only seen the tip of the iceberg 🙂

4. Before the age of computers, it was very essential skill to type fast on a typewriter.  Believe it or not, so many people were practicing typing to get a decent job. If you are willing to invest on your typing skills, typeracer is definitely a game changer. You couldn’t imagine how focusing only on writing as properly and fast as possible relieves your mind.

b. KNOWLEDGE & HOBBIES and more…

Every cloud has a silver lining, we may use this time to feed our brain by exploring completely new phenomena from different disciplines. Sites under this category may assist you to discover literature, learn programming, visit a museum and more…

1. I am amazed by the amount of material that informationisbeautiful has. Data, facts, and results are not only presented under the light of science, but also all supported with visual graphs and more…

2. Have you ever wanted to learn something which you believe can not be done through the internet? I bet you should think twice. Well, I am definitely supportive of community and social life, but web can be also a great school to educate ourselves.  noexcuselist provides online learning platforms for both your professional skills and hobbies. You may cook different recipes for you dinner or start a course to make Robots and more…

3. The stimulating connection between Science and Art cannot be overstated for societies. We must at least attempt to have an idea of Science and Art to build better world for tomorrows. Metmuseum offers you a great collection of Art from all around the world and more…

4.  Okay, you are convinced that you need intellectual snack but don’t know where to look, how to find,  whom to ask? Great news!! does everything for you, all you need is to click and sail through the intellectual oceans and more…


Nowadays we all are digging through online streaming platforms to listen music and watch new films, series. What I found boring is that it is nearly impossible to discover old and/or interesting work from main stream services’ recommendation engines. Sites below could help you to enlarge your visual and auditory experience.

1. Music-map and movie-map are the two useful sites to find something relevant to what you enjoy listening nowadays.

2. Are you looking for a site that covers all the movies, tv-series, documentaries etc. from all of the streaming services? Do you want to do specific filtering on your search on the genre, rating, year, cast even more? Instantwatcher is no doubt the best one I found so far. If you find yourself saying “Let’s watch something”, you should definitely visit instantwatcher!

3. Have you ever met a film geek? Film geek knows the characters, cast, scenario and musics of soo many films. If you envy film-geeks or looking for a “pub quiz” like game with your friends, movie-music-quiz is all you need! I am horrible at remembering the musics of films, or the cast or something relevant about a given film. Hence, it looks like this website helps to build a foundation if you keen to have one!

Here you go with my 2 weeks of discovery through the web, I am sure there are much more than in this and post feel free to share yours! These days will be over, we will share our experiences through the personal stories, yet this was one of them for me… #stayathome

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